Jacqui Brown, Library Specialist, Goizueta Business Library

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“I’ve spent my whole life in libraries. It’s like being back home.” – Jacqui Brown

Jacqui Brown is the new library specialist in the GBL. Since relocating to Atlanta in 2018, Jacqui has had her own business as a strategic development consultant and film producer. Most of her career has been in the non-profit, civic sector, working for four years as a consultant, management consultant, operations coordinator, development manager, and strategist for a number of different organizations, including the Global Health Corps, the Luminal Theater, Bennett Midland LLC, and the Office of the New York State Attorney General.

While a student at Columbia University, Jacqui worked in the Thomas J. Watson Business Library. She also participated as a Fulbright Fellow in Kingston, Jamaica.

Born in New York but raised in Atlanta, Jacqui is a proud graduate of SW DeKalb HS, earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University, and also has a degree in art history. Jacqui’s mom was a librarian and she grew up sitting in on her mom’s library school classes.

When she’s not working, Jacqui loves reading, films, and relearning the city of Atlanta.

“I’m very happy with this job. It is what I hoped for,” says Jacqui. “I’ve spent my whole life in libraries. It’s like being back home. I’m used to librarians and it’s nice to be able to work with them in an official capacity.”

You can reach her at jacqui [dot] brown [at] emory [dot] edu.

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