Coping with COVID: Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

photo of air show

Fly-over screams over the North Decatur Building (courtesy of James Proctor)

“The shell must break before the bird can fly.” – Alfred Tennyson, British poet

US Air Force Thunderbirds / US Navy Blue Angels Fly-over

Over the weekend, several LITS employees enjoyed watching the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels in a rare collaboration as the two renowned groups performed a fly-over of Emory to honor the front-line responders during this pandemic.

The fly-over, named “America Strong,” visited Baltimore and Washington D.C., before heading to Atlanta. They also previously honored the cities of New York and Philadelphia.

photo of air show

The two flight crews do a simultaneous turn over Emory (courtesy of Mike Davidson)

One of the watchers was Mike Davidson (manager, Enterprise Security) who said, “I’m a big airplane nut, and I’ve been to a LOT of airshows over the years. This is the first time I’ve ever seen both teams at the same time. So, even though this photo was from afar, it has both teams – pulling out of the turn – and both with smoke on. Pretty cool.”

He added, “Both teams are very cool, but as a former blue-suiter, I have to say:  Go Air Force!”

James Proctor (analyst, network operations center) also submitted photos he shot while working on-site at Emory. Thanks for being one of OUR front-line responders, James!

Ask a Registered Dietitian

Jay Flanagan (manager, messaging team) and the LITS Wellness Team have Zoom opportunities to ask live questions about food. Says Jay, “During this time of change and adaptation, many of us have struggled with maintaining healthy eating habits.  Join this 30-minute group discussion that will focus on a different nutrition topic each week to learn some tips for nutrition success!  We will meet via Zoom, Wednesdays at 10 am. Register HERE.”


  • May 13: Healthy & Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping
  • May 20:  Tips on Meal Planning and Cooking Prep
  • May 27:  Keys to Healthy Eating when Ordering Out

Daily Refresh

Join FSAP for Daily Refresh, a 15-minute virtual “huddle” offered every day at 4:30 pm to learn and practice a resilience tip for the day, facilitated by a FSAP clinician. Access at

photo of employees

Jack Scott and Linda Robertson enjoying Staff Fest!

Virtual Staff Fest

Virtual Staff Fest is Friday May 15! While we may not be able to gather together on the Quad for food and festivities this year, the 42nd Annual Staff Fest will go on (virtually). Wear your favorite Staff Fest t-shirt and join us for an extended lunch hour on May 15, from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm to have fun, connect with your co-workers and celebrate all of our achievements over this past academic year. A schedule of activities will be announced next week.

Job well done

We asked you, “What is a job you’ve been meaning to do in your house that you’ve now started/completed?”

  • “Got my will done, signed, and notarized!” – Laura Akerman (product manager, LTDS)
  • “None. But the house is cleaner because I can’t stand for it to be dirty while I am there so much.” – Anonymous
  • “Cleaning the dining room/office with a lot of help from my son and his friend.” – Kat Boushell (finance/accounting specialist, business & administration)
  • “Pulling weeds.” – Several people
  • “Organizing storage.” – Several people
  • “Planted a garden.” – Several people
  • “I’m finally getting around to hanging up artwork – I’ve lived here for 2 years!” – Saira Raza (business librarian, GBL)
  • “We’ve got our back porch jamming right now. Also finally cleaned my desk.” – Steve Bransford (video producer, ECDS)
  • “Scratch repair on my wife’s car.” – Nayef Smith (manager, network services)
  • “Mop the kitchen floor.” – Anonymous
  • “I washed literally every pillow I own the first week I was home and learned that the zippers on my couch cushion covers are just for decoration.” – Sarah Quigley (head of collection processing, Rose Library)
  • “I have a small balcony I’m working on making as delightful as possible. Planting vegetables, setting up a big umbrella, painting my old wicker chairs a glossy fuchsia, and I’m even training my cat to go out with me on a leash so we can both lounge around outside!” – Katie Sparks (library specialist)
  • photo of tax return

    Oh yeah. That.

    “Tax returns.” – Sam Tasanasanta (manager, PMO)

  • “Washing the curtains.” – Anonymous
  • “I put a hallway bench together!” – Paige Crowl (teaching and learning librarian, Oxford College Library)
  • “I built a hot compost bin, mainly because we started composting a little too early and suddenly our house stank.” – Wade Moricle (marcomm specialist, CCR)
  • “Created a home gym in one of my spare rooms.” – Susan Kellet (licensing coordinator, ECR)
  • “Hanging some artwork. Cleaning out closets. And what I’m calling “quarantine redecorating.” That’s when you redecorate using stuff you already have, just move it to different rooms.” – Jessie Copeland (director of resource services, ARS)
  • “Pressure washing and staining my deck – just getting started.” – Jay Flanagan
  • “Updating my resume.” – Anonymous

Dad Joke of the Week

What would you call it if you received your COVID-19 stimulus check and used it to buy baby chickens?

Money for nothing and chicks for free.

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