Coping with COVID: The music of the pandemic

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach, German-Jewish poet and author

Colin performs

Last week, Colin Bragg (reserves coordinator) gave an acoustic guitar/synthesizer concert on Facebook. His style is a mixture of soundscapes, from a folksy stroll in the woods to walking in a spacesuit and beyond. His mood seems serious but hopeful, gentle yet assertive. It is definitely worth a listen by clicking here.

What’s your favorite playlist of music?

  • Disney soundtracks. Not mine, but my kid’s – Anonymous
  • President Obama’s Summer Playlist – Anonymous
  • The Stranglers – Anonymous
  • My thumbs up list combining DJ created beats & vibe, ibiza chill, contemporary R&B, Smooth Jazz and a touch of EDM – Nayef Smith
  • My own Upbeat Mix – Anonymous
  • NPR All Songs Considered weekly new music playlist – Anonymous
  • A songlist from the 80’s & 90’s that my wife made for me when I turned 50. – Anonymous
  • Depends on the task. Jazz for very mentally demanding work, yacht rock for less intense work, sometimes a little metal for the afternoon pick me up. – Susan Kellett
  • Outlaw Country – Norman Butler
  • I have a great mix of Celtic music that makes me happy. – Lisa Hamlett
  • photo of JP Cooper

    JP Cooper

    JP Cooper – Anonymous

  • SiriusXM’s The Highway – Jessie Copeland
  • 90s Hip Hop – Steven Benitez
  • Grunge – Anonymous
  • I’m enjoying listening to the radio – GA Tech’s student station is my favorite, 91.1 WREK – Saira Raza
  • Right now – Aaron Copland! – Dawn Francis-Chewning
  • “Computer, play the top hits.” (renamed my Alexa to computer so I can feel like Captain Picard) – Chad Street
  • Jazzy mixes of Ghibli music! – Paige
  • 80’s – Sam Tasanasanta
  • The global funk radio on Spotify – Clare Barton
  • The Best of Midnight Special – Sarah Quigley
  • I listen to my Pandora all day. New Wave, Funk, bluegrass, classic rock, punk, folk, show tunes, zydeco, etc. I like the variety. – John Nemeth
  • Rock and jazz – Anonymous
  • Joe Bonamassa – Jay Flanagan
  • Rock ‘n Roll oldies – Anonymous
  • My brother made a quarantine playlist on Spotify. It’s simultaneously grim and uplifting. – Steve Bransford
  • I’ve been listening to a lot of metal remixes recently. – Ben Kasavan
  • Gospel | R&B – Anonymous
  • It’s called “Straight Outta Academia.” I run to it and there’s lots of rap and parody songs. – Anonymous
  • Alternative rock, Americana – Kat Boushell
  • Rage Against the Machine, Led Zeppelin, Twenty One Pilots, White Stripes, Radiohead – Wade Moricle
  • Podcasts, haha. I love listening to the NPR Quiz Show podcasts while I walk or run. – Anonymous
  • photo of Sting


    Biscuit / Jimmy Smith; Vega-Tables/The Beach Boys; Fresh Fruit / Procol Harum; Orange Crush / R.E.M; Ice Cream and Sunscreen / Martha; Little Biscuit / Felix – Laura Akerman

  • The Beatles – Dwain Smith
  • Almost anything but opera. – Anonymous
  • Anything associated with Sting. – Lisa Granholm

Dad Joke of the Week

– as submitted in meme form by Clare Barton (core systems application support analyst, LTDS):


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