eSports an important outlet for today’s Emory students

In the highly competitive world of higher ed student recruitment, the concept of eSports has emerged as a factor that many modern students strongly consider when making their college choices.

I recently attended a forum for eSports at an Educause conference.

Emory eSports

When he returned from Educause, where he sat on a forum for eSports and Higher Ed. He wanted to advance eSports at Emory.

Loves to shoot people digitally.

Knowing how big it is, he thought he would take his love for it and help it grow here.

Emory is full of smart students and they think it could raise he prestige of Emory.

He met with Ashruth Reddy is president of E eSports. He’s a student. Got the event schedule
Worked with him to develop the strategic plan.


We had 60 attendees with 11 different housing halls having people representing them. Here’s the final bracket for people representing their halls (Note: not all attending halls had a representative advance to the finals): This final bracket had a more competitive ruleset and had 1 vs. 1 matches. The winner was Jack from Raoul Hall.

They had a big gaming tournament coming up.

He lent them some gaming consoles to help out.

The event was held

Organized in partnership with RHA (resident hall association) to have student come together in a fun tournament

60 people entered, 11 housing halls, final winner won

Held at the Emory Student Center on Thursday Feb 27.

He met Matt Urbansik (from campus life and intramural) helping them plan better, advertise more, to try top create a world-class esports experience at Emory.

They meet monthly and are planning another tournament.

Get the web link.

Get the photos.

Get slide deck.

The game they played was Smash Brother Ultimate (multiplayer fighting game)

There are lots of eSports organizations world wide…federations for eSports conferences.

Find tweet.

At the conference, the forum talked about how it was developing around campuses. The second-biggest watched competition after the Super Bowl is eSports (League of Legends Worlds).
3 people on the panel. One from a video gaming dev company from Atlanta, and the other two were from universities. It grew from student demand and needing dedicated spaces on campus. Variances in equipment and connectivity causes disadvantages.

Having competition-level equipment and connectivity is important to our student.

Fair access, regardless of race, gender, and class.

Had to build these spaces. There is a desire for recognition too. Lots of students want this.

eSports is a factor in student recruiting. Students are being recruiting like sports athletes.

Where Nayef got into it is he’s a gamer, understand Emory’s environment, is on the network team

Can create a premium spots experience. Wants to be a catalyst for that growth at Emory to continue to Emory’s growth and success.

Our peers all have eSports team competing at these events. GA Tech, UGA, GA State, Kennesaw State

Emory currently has a partnership with i2. (I2) An onramp to this. I2 offers a gaming service that allows premium access to students.

This is really about giving students an outlet to shine. eSports is about smart students competing against each other. We are just making it possible for them to compete on a level playing field.

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