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Sam Buss

Professor of Math at UCSD

At Emory from 1975 to 1979, joint Math and Physics degree and went to Princeton for graduate school. At Princeton.

Hung at as a HS fellow, then became an an intern under Peter Day

In the 9th grade, EUCC put terminals in Druids Hills HS where he attended.

2 old teletype 33 terminals with a connection to the mainframe.

Got the chance to hang out at the EUCC

Started getting paid working instead of working at Krystals

Sam did various projects in COBOL, Fortran, Assembly Language.

The first computer courses were in Math and they taught ASSIST interpreter and he helped make it run for Ken Mandleburg who was teaching at Emory.

Assist let you interpret assembly language

He worked Estaban Egea converted the works of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding into a database. Dr. Egea was comparing writing styles over time.

Volume by year. His parents saved it because it had his

Susan Ament

Sam met his wife programming at upper gate Teresa Thacker now Buss.

“It was a special time in college and and HS and al to of people from the EUCC stayed friends for decades.”

His first class meets tomorrow for handling students remotely. Did final exams remotely two weeks ago.

Also using Canvas (switched from Ted … blackboard)

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