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Nugget of Wisdom – “Recover Deleted Items”

Photo of gold nuggets

[Ed. note: the Messaging Team is beginning a new feature where they will offer interesting tips on using various tools they manage, such as Office 365, Vidyo, etc.] Most of us have deleted a calendar item or email in error, and¬†cringe at the thought of it being gone forever. We all know to look in […]

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Allie Belle Harrison: My Hero

Photo of Allie Belle Norris

As we grow up, there are always people along the way who provide that special something that molds us into who we are today. For me, one of those special people is my mother and I wish to honor her. In the 1960’s, my mother, Allie Belle Harrison (her maiden name is Norris), was a […]

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It’s a Great Time For Lync

Screen shot from Microsoft Lync website

As you may be aware, the UTS Messaging Team recently launched Microsoft Lync, a communication tool that offers instant messaging, phone, video conferencing, screen sharing and presentation features all in one. This flexibility has led to a surge in OIT usage and I would encourage you to start using Lync today. The OIT management team […]

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