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Performance management timeline

Graphic of two employees in a meeting

You should have received an email notification on Tuesday, May 9, that performance evaluation documents have been created and are available for input for the 2017 cycle. For most of you, this means you are being invited to provide self-evaluation input for your manager to consider. Also, in departments of two or more, you may be asked […]

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Mandatory Title IX training reminder

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During a diversity training session yesterday with our UIT team, it was shared with us that LITS has a fairly low completion rate on the mandatory Title IX training that was communicated this past fall. Since this training is mandatory, I agreed to send reminders to all LITS staff members as the system remains open for […]

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2014-15 Annual Report available online

Image of an online annual report

The 2014-15 LITS Annual Report, which was presented to Emory Provost Claire E. Sterk just before the holidays last year, is now available online. The report, which features a mission-based approach, offers a look across the entire LITS organization. “In the past year, many high profile initiatives came to fruition,” said Rich Mendola in the […]

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Summer Reading

Image of a book cover

Summer is here, and along with vacations, pools, cookouts, and summer reading, the steady stream of project and operational work continues. In many areas, this is a time of extra activity – upgrades, equipment refreshes, and the like – in others, it is business as usual (or I could say, we are busy as usual). For […]

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New Business and Administration forms make work life easier

Photo of John Connerat

During the last year, the LITS Business and Administration team has looked for ways to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes for you, our internal customers, to get some of your frequently requested tasks accomplished. This month’s newsletter update focuses on some of the improvements we’ve made on the financial side of […]

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Photo of Yolanda Cooper

As the academic year comes to a close, I’d like to reflect on our activities and accomplishments, and bring to light the significant progress we’ve made over the past year. The Libraries have a number of new initiatives underway and with the support and cooperation of the entire staff as well as from partners across […]

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Creating a more unified digital scholarship experience at Emory

Photo of Wayne Morse

This June represents the second year for the Emory Center of Digital Scholarship (ECDS) and I am happy to share highlights of the work completed as well as ongoing initiatives that demonstrate what a unified approach to digital scholarship can achieve. ECDS’ mission is “to make a more unified experience for Emory’s faculty, staff and […]

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