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The Computational Neuroethology lab at Emory University seeks a research-oriented post-baccalaureate fellow to assist with experiments using rodents to study how the brain processes and learns social sensory information. We will train the fellow to perform rodent surgeries and histology, and conduct behavioral studies as well as opto-/chemo-genetic stimulation and electrophysiological recordings in awake mice and prairie voles, working with graduate students, postdocs and the principal investigator. Potential areas for individual growth and development include learning about social neuroscience research, better experimental design and computational analyses of data; contributions can merit inclusion on publications. A commitment of 2 years is preferred. The ideal candidate would be excited to work in a neuroscience lab and learn new techniques; hold a bachelors in a neuroscience, biological, physical sciences or engineering field; and have an interest in the research of motivated behaviors and/or sensory neuroscience. We especially encourage candidate who can demonstrate good communication, organizational and time management skills, with ability to multitask; good problem-solving skills; patience and attention to detail in carrying out experimental protocols; and some proficiency with computers, ideally with some programming skills (e.g. MATLAB, Python). Work experience with rodents and aseptic surgical procedures are a bonus. To apply,

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