Dooley Visits MARBL

Dooley Visits MARBL

Dooley and his entourage visit MARBL during Dooley’s Week 2013

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This week, MARBL was fortunate enough to have a surprise visit from Dooley and his entourage. Dooley came to MARBL and asked to see some University Archives materials relating to him and his time at Emory. The obvious first choice was to show him the Dooley Collection, which contains Dooley memorabilia and correspondence written by Dooley from the 1980s and 1990s.

Dooley and Entourage at Table

Dooley and his entourage in MARBL

But beyond theses archival materials, there are plenty of publications that feature Dooley as well. One such publication is, Dooley’s Rib, a guide for female students that was created just after women were allowed to enroll at Emory. The pamphlet features a female-incarnation of Dooley and advises students about dress-code and dorm life, among other things. Dooley and his entourage definitely enjoyed seeing this glimpse into what student life was like in the 1950s.

Dooley's Rib

Dooley’s Rib

What we weren’t able to pull in time for Dooley was the original article about Dooley from 1899 entitled “Reflections of a Skeleton,” which was published in the student literary magazine The Emory Phoenix. Written from the perspective of a skeleton living in one of the classrooms on campus, this article can be traced back as the origin of Dooley as we know him today. This article and other publications featuring Dooley are available for anyone to request and come view in MARBL.