About Us

Our lab is led by exercise researcher Dr. Joe Nocera and cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Keith McGregor. We have predominantly focused on understanding the intersection of physical and cognitive functioning in older adults and patients with neurological disease. For the last 10 years we  examined  longitudinal changes in mobility, upper extremity motor function and cognitive-executive functions brought on by aging and/or neurological disease. To combat such change, we have pioneered the use and implementation of an evidence-based, targeted behavioral intervention that has shown promise to delay age-related decrements in outcomes related to neurological disease.

More specifically, we’ve initiated a line of research demonstrating that interval-based, high intensity aerobic exercise can alter cortical activation patterns in older adults (65+ years of age) that more resembles the cortical activation pattern associated with younger adults (<30 years of age). Importantly, these changes in brain behavior are associated with improved performance on cognitive and motor tasks that decline as a hallmark of aging.