Student/Job Opportunities


We are always looking for interested students to be involved in research. The lab engages with students from different disciplines including but not limited to: Neuroscience, Psychology, Exercise Science, Mathematics, Data Science. We have roles for students in the lab including:

  • Graduate Students (Neuroscience, Psychology, Kinesiology)
  • Undergraduate
  • Undergraduate Research Partnership Program (RPP)
  • Undergraduate Honors Students (with thesis)
  • Emory University Medical Students: “Discovery” Phase



Health Technician
Health Technician


The NeuroCise Laboratory is seeking a Health Technician for immediate hire to assist with studies involving the effect of physical activity. The position has funding for up to three years with a minimum commitment of 1-2 years.


The incumbent is a Health Technician for one or more research studies under investigation within the Research and Development Program (R&D) at the Atlanta VAMC. The Atlanta VAMC is one of the larger research facilities in VISN 7 and conducts a variety of research programs including human subjects research. The mission of R&D is to improve the quality of health care for veterans. Through a variety of research methods and techniques, R&D examines the effects of the organization, financing and management of health care services on the quality, cost, access to, and outcomes of health care services.


The Health Technician will assist the Research Coordinator in all day-to-day operations of research projects, including enrolling participants, collecting data, and providing support to the Investigator. The Health technician will support the Research Coordinator to complete all required tasks, both clinical and administrative. Major duties include:

Research Assistantship 60 Percent

The incumbent will serve as a research assistant in support of the principal investigator(s) conducting one or more research protocols. The position requires that the incumbent be familiar with health care related research and serve as a member of a research team. Primary responsibilities include assisting the principal investigator with research activities including but not limited to the following:

a) Assists the principal investigator with managing portions of research projects

b) Collection and analyses of data

c) Generates periodic reports

d) Handles submission of IRB documents

e) Assists with the collection and analysis of statistical data, in accordance with the applications of sound scientific design and analytical principles

f) Adheres to specific research methodologies and procedures for collection of data.

g) Identifies possible trends requiring further analysis

h) Arranges and conducts literature searches required for the research project

i) Contributes ideas and suggestions to all phases of the research studies

Enrollment 30 Percent

Assist with all local site activities related to enrollment. Schedules and conducts initial participant visits, including structured interviews and health assessments. Prepares and maintains all program documentation related to enrollment, per protocol. Independently handles most aspects of the enrollment process, relying on supervisor only to consent patients and for unique situations. Interacts directly with participants, serving as their first point of contact for questions and inquires related to the program.

Project Administration 10 Percent

Completes and maintains all program-related records for each participant, including consent forms, data management system, and source documentation worksheets. Develops proper processes for updating and maintaining records as needed. Independently responds to general inquiries from program participants, staff, and other stakeholders. Independently drafts correspondence and general communications regarding the program, including memorandums and reports as requested by the Research Coordinator. Assist with scheduling meetings, including arranging for space, notifying participants, preparing the agenda and minutes and following-up on all commitments to ensure that necessary arrangements have been made Performs other duties as assigned.


• Previous research experience in relevant discipline (including but not limited to Cognitive Neurosciences, Affective Neurosciences, Biology etc) .

• 1-2 years of related hands-on experience in acquiring and/or processing data that requires a high level of technical skill and attention to detail (including but limited to functional MRI, EEG, lab-based assays etc.)

• Proficiency with basic programming and scripts (for example, using R)

• Technical skills and familiarity with imaging software packages such as SPM, FSL and/or FreeSurfer

• Previous work with human participants