Isaac Horwedel

My work focuses on how to conceptualize, describe, and critique the contradictions of capitalism from a critical interdisciplinary perspective. I am particularly interested in the ways these contradictions condition this very pursuit. To do so, my current dissertation examines the material conditions underlying the phenomenon of addiction to critically analyze the ways coping with and resisting life under capitalism tend to reinforce capital itself. My other research interests sit at the intersection of Christian ethics, political theology, and practical theology. I also hold an MDiv from Candler School of Theology (2017). Prior to my arrival at Emory, I worked as the Program Director of The Exodus House, a non-profit recovery community in Anderson, IN, of which I am also the co-founder and a current board member. 

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  1. 30 August 2021

    Dear Isaac Horwedel,

    Gary Laderman recommended you to us. We, that is, Katherine Gaudet (University of New Hampshire) and myself, Jay Williams (retired from University of Chicago Press), invite you to contribute to the Routledge Handbook on Literature and Addiction. We are conceiving those two terms–literature and addiction–in their broadest sense and so are looking outside the academic field of literary studies, which will inevitably be well represented. Deepak and four others from various fields have agreed to contribute, and we expect to publish between 35 and 40 essays. To be more specific, here is our CFP:

    We are seeking scholars of literature and drugs to contribute to a handbook on the topic. The book will provide “a comprehensive, must-have survey of a core sub-discipline,” and will be a resource for students and scholars who are seeking to work in this field. According to the proposed publisher, “The main goal of each handbook is to survey a topic or area of the field, explaining why the issue or area is important, and critically discussing the leading views in the area.” As editors, we are interested reflecting the breadth of literature’s engagement with drugs, including (but not limited to) perspectives on addiction and recovery. We are especially interested in expanding beyond the common focus on mid-20th century Anglophone writers to explore literature about drugs (including alcohol) in different times and contexts. Chapter length is to be determined, but is likely to be in the 8000-10000 word range, and deadlines will likely be in spring or summer of 2023.

    If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please email one of us a short description of what you would like to write, as well as any pertinent information about your background and previous work. We welcome emerging as well as established scholars to propose chapters. We also welcome suggestions of other scholars and/or content areas that should be represented in the book.

    We hope your current interests and ours can mesh. Psychedelics and their practices might be one place that could happen. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of us.


    Katherine Gaudet

    Associate Director and Affiliate Faculty Member

    University Honors Program

    University of New Hampshire

    Jay Williams
    General Editor
    Oxford Complete Works of Jack London
    Senior Managing Editor (ret.)
    Critical Inquiry
    University of Chicago Press

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