Sa 4/7 * Indigenous Methodologies and Ways of Knowing in Public Health

Panelist: Dr. Nicole Redvers, ND, MPH
April 7, 2021, 6pm EST
Sponsored by the Native American and Indigenous Student Initiative and Rollins School of Public Health

Indigenous Peoples are resilient peoples with deep traditional knowledges and scientific thought spanning millennia. Yet in the spirit of scientific hegemony that has pervaded most branches of Western science and practice, the democracy of knowledge has not prevailed. Epistemological pluralism is a complex term that recognizes and appreciates that in any given research or practice context, there may be several valuable ‘ways of knowing’, and that accommodating this plurality can lead to more successful integrated study and practice. In this presentation, Indigenous methodologies and ‘ways of knowing’ will be discussed through the lens of public health practice and health equity broadly.
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