Undergraduate Research

General information. At the beginning of each semester, the Speech and Language Perception lab seeks qualified candidates for a number of undergraduate research assistantships. No experience necessary, though the ideal candidate would have some previous coursework related to experimental psychology, language, perception, and/or neuroscience.

Role and Responsibilities. Research assistants (RAs) will work closely with 1-2 senior researchers (e.g., graduate student, post-doc, or affiliated scholar) on specific research projects. RAs will deepen their knowledge of experimental psychology in general, and of psycholinguistics in particular. RAs apprentice in processing/editing/analyzing speech, experimental design, participant recruiting, subject testing, data preparation, and data analysis. RAs are expected to attend monthly Laab meetings. Click here for descriptions of laab projects. Applicants must be reliable and able to commit to 6+ hours/week in the lab (during business hours Mon-Fri) for the semester (excluding fall break and finals week). Research assistants receive PSYC 499 credit.

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Graduate Research

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