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In 2021-2022 the fund supported the work of 37 Emory faculty members, post-docs, researchers, and graduate students from more than 20 departments across the university. Learn more about the articles supported in 20202021. 

Candler School of Theology

Author: Grayden McCashen

Article: Liberius, Athanasius and the Roman Synod

Journal: Journal of Ecclesiastical Studies 

Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Author: Carl Suddler, Assistant Professor

Article: Dodgers, Delinquents, and What Jackie Robinson Can Teach Us about the Intersection of Sports and the Carceral State, 1948-1972

Journal: Modern American History

Author: Adriana Chira, Assistant Professor

Article: Race, Coloniality, and the Writing of Black and Indigenous Histories

Journal: Latin American Research Review

Author: Yanna Yannakakis, Associate Professor

Article: Taking the Courts to the Fields: Law, Violence, and Agrarian Custom in Colonial Oaxaca, Mexico

Journal: Law and History Review

Author: Joseph Manns

Co-Authors: Nicole L. Varga

Article: Delta-modulated cortical alpha oscillations support new knowledge generation through memory integration

Journal: NeuroImage

Author: Stella Lourenco

Co-Authors: Kennedy Casey, Kylee Novick

Article: Sixty Years of Gender Representation in Children’s Books: Conditions Associated with Overrepresentation of Male versus Female Protagonists

Journal: PLoS One

Author: Joseph Sutherland

Co-Authors: Michael G. Miller

Article: The Effect of Gender on Interruptions at Congressional Hearings

Journal: American Political Science Review

Author: Jeffrey Ziegler

Article: A Text-As-Data Approach for Using Open-Ended Responses as Manipulation Checks

Journal: Political Analysis


Author: Rachel Hall-Clifford

Co-Authors: Alejandro Arzu, Saul Contreras, Maria Gabriela Croissert Muguercia, Diana Ximena de Leon Figueroa, Maria Valeria Ochoa Elias, Anna Yunuen Soto Fernández, Amara Tariq, Imon Banerjee, Pamela Pennington

Article: Toward co-design of an AI solution for detection of diarrheal pathogens in drinking water within resource-constrained contexts

Journal: PLOS Global Health

Author: Vincent Conticello

Co-Authors: Jessalyn G. Miller, Spencer A. Hughes, Charles Modlin

Article:Structures of synthetic helical filaments and tubes based on peptide and peptido-mimetic polymers

Journal: Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics

Author: Nathan Suhr-Sytsma

Article: Forms of Interreligious Encounter in Contemporary Nigerian Fiction

Journal: African Studies Review

Author: Debjani Sihi

Co-Authors: Biswanath Dari, Abraham P. Kuruvila, Gaurav Jha, Kanad Basu

Article: Explainable Machine Learning Approach Quantified the Long-term (1981-2015) Impact of Climate and Soil Properties on Yields of Major Agricultural Crops across CONUS

Journal: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Author: Michael Rich

Co-Authors: Robert Stoker

Article: Fertile Ground: Implementing the 2030 Agenda in U.S. Cities

Journal: Land

Laney Graduate School

Author: Davit Baliashvili

Co-Authors: Francisco Averhoff, Ana Kasradze, Stephanie J. Salyer, Giorgi Kuchukhidze, Amiran Gamkrelidze, Paata Imnadze, Maia Alkhazashvili, Gvantsa Chanturia, Nazibrola Chitadze, Roena Sukiashvili, Curtis Blanton, Jan Drobeniuc, Juliette Morgan, Liesl M. Hagan

Article: Risk factors and genotype distribution of hepatitis C virus in Georgia: a nationwide population-based survey

Journal: PLoS One

Author: Eddy Yeung

Co-Authors: Kai Quek

Article: Relative Gains in the Shadow of a Trade War

Journal: International Organization

Rollins School of Public Health

Author: Mark Keim

Co-Authors: Thomas More Smith, Frederick M. Burkle, Jr.

Article: The annual global incidence rate of extreme weather event disasters appears positively correlated with world GDP, 1961-2020

Journal: Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

Author: Anke Huels

Co-Authors: Emily Drzymalla, Nicole Gladish, Nastassja Koen, Michael Epstein, Michael Kobor, Heather Zar, Dan Stein

Article: Association between maternal depression during pregnancy and newborn DNA methylation

Journal: Translational Psychiatry

Author: Aaron Siegler

Co-Authors: Patrick Sullivan

Article: The PrEP Laboratory Service Gap: Applying Implementation Science Strategies to Bring PrEP Coverage to Scale in the United States.

Journal: Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Author: Cari Jo Clark

Co-Authors: Lynette Renner, Qi Wang, Nyla Flowers, Grace Morrow, Mary Logeais

Article: Longitudinal trends in screening males and females for intimate partner violence as part of a systemic multi-specialty health system intervention

Journal: BMC Research notes

Author: Rachael Spencer

Co-Authors: Emily D. Lemon, Kelli A. Komro, Melvin D. Livingston, Briana Woods-Jaeger

Article: Women’s Lived Experiences with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): How TANF Can Better Support Women’s Wellbeing and Reduce Intimate Partner Violence

Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Author: Amy Webb Girard

Co-Authors: Emilie Ewart McClintic, Sandra Gomez Ventura, Kimberly R. Jacob Arriola, Alysse J. Kowalski, Molly Linabarger, Breanna Wodnik, Richard Muga, Matthew C. Freeman

Article:Application of the COM-B behavior change model to formative research for child nutrition in western Kenya

Journal: Current Developments in Nutrition

School of Law

Author: Rafael Domingo

Article: Rethinking the School of Salamanca

Journal: Journal of Law and Religion

Author: Darren Hutchinson

Article: Continuous Action toward Justice

Journal: Journal of Law and Religion

Author: Mark  Storslee

Article: The COVID-19 Church-Closure Cases and the Free Exercise of Religion

Journal: Journal of Law and Religion

Author: Brandon Paradise

Article: Confronting the Truth: The Necessity of Love for Justice

Journal: Journal of Law and Religion

School of Medicine

Author: Benjamin Keller Stoff

Co-Authors: Rishab Revankar, Howa Yeung, Kas Bilcha, Annisa Tesfaye

Article: Free online dermatology course of medical trainees in Ethiopia

Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology – International

Author: Leslie Lawley

Co-Authors: Kathryn Spitz, Lena Chu

Article: Treatment of TRPV3-Mutation-Associated Olmsted Syndrome with Erlotinib

Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology – Case Reports

Author: Loren Krueger

Co-Authors: Crystal Aguh, Jamael Thomas, Erik Person, JaBreia James, Kristen Lo Sicco, Jerry Shapiro

Article: Curl Pattern Classification – A Potential Tool for Communication and Risk Stratification

Journal: International Journal of Women’s Dermatology

Author: Travis Blalock

Co-Authors: Iviensan Manalo, Austin Miller, Igor Siniakov

Article: Epidermodysplasia verruciformis in Mohs micrographic surgery

Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology – Case Reports

Author: Bolanie Akinsola

Co-Authors: Heather Farthing

Article: A Case of Torsion of the Undescended Testes

Journal: Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open

Author: Diana Villacis Nunez

Co-Authors: Kassahun Bilcha, Mary Spraker, Kelly Rouster-Stevens, Anthony Cooley

Article: Severe immediate and delayed hypersensitivity reactions to biologics in a toddler with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Journal: Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports

Author: Harold K. Simon

Co-Author: Eva Catenaccio, Jonathan M. Rochlin

Article: Addressing Gender-Based Disparities in Academic Medicine: Impact of Equalizing Starting Salaries for Women and Men

Journal: JAMA Network Open

Author: Jason Stevenson

Co-Authors: Nicholas P. DeGroote, Frank Keller, Katharine E. Brock, D. John Bergsagel, Tamara P. Miller, Patricia Cornwell, Ross Fasano, Satheesh Chonat, Sharon M. Castellino

Article: Characteristics and Outcome of Pediatric Oncology Patients at Risk for Guardians Declining Transfusion of Blood Components

Journal: Cancer Reports

Author: Matthew Oster

Co-Authors: Trisha Patel, Michael Kelleman, Zachary West, Andrew Peter, Matthew Dove, Arene Butto

Article: Comparison of MIS-C Related Myocarditis, Classic Viral Myocarditis, and COVID-19 Vaccine related Myocarditis in Children

Journal: Journal of the American Heart Association

Author: Pranav Gupta

Co-Authors: Karen Loechner, Briana Patterson, Eric Felner

Article: Insulinoma in an Adolescent Female with Weight Loss: A Case Report and Literature Review on Pediatric Insulinomas

Journal: Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Case Reports Journal

Author: Preeti Jaggi

Co-Authors: Mehgan Teherani, Samridhi Banskota, Andres Camacho-Gonzalez, Allison G. C. Smith, Evan J. Anderson, Carol M. Kao, Charles Crepy D’Orleans, Andi L. Shane, Austin Lu

Article: Intent to Vaccinate SARS-CoV-2 Infected Children in US Households: A Survey

Journal: Vaccines

Author: Asaad Beshish

Co-Authors: Susan Hupp, Rebecca Dryer, Mohua Basu, Geinger Wido, Subhadra Shashidharan, Kevin O. Maher, Michael P. Fundora

Article: A Comparison of High-Flow Nasal Cannula Versus Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation for Respiratory Support in Infants Following Cardiac Surgery

Journal: Cardiology in the Young

Author: Jessica Harding

Co-Authors: Stephen R. Benoit

Article: Trends in inpatient admissions and emergency department visits for heart failure in adults with versus without diabetes in the USA, 2006-2017

Journal: BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

Author: Owen Brown

Co-Author: Nusaiba F. Baker, Alexandra M. Hart, Dora Danko, Chistopher M. Stewart, Peter W. Thompson

Article: Preventing Infection in Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction: Evaluating the Evidence for Common Practices and Standardized Protocols

Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open

Author: Paul Ghareeb

Co-Author: Erica Smearman, Patricia Chan

Article: Pulp De-epithelialization for Venous Outflow Augmentation after Digital Replantation

Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open

Author: Babar Fiza

Co-Authors: Natalie Ferrero, Ceresa Ward, Amit Prabhakar, Robert Groff

Department: Anesthesia

Article: A Rare Case of Neurological Dysfunction due to Severe Hyponatremia after Carotid Artery Endarterectomy: A Review of the Clinical Approach to Hyponatremia

Journal: Clinical Case Reports

Author: Arash Harzand

Co-Author: Sohil Khanna

Department: Cardiology

Article: Preventive Cardiology in the Digital and COVID-19 Era

Journal: Healthcare

Author: Jordan McQuilkin

Co-Authors: Emily Kiernan

Department: Emergency Medicine

Article: Woman with Abdominal Distension and Cardiac Arrest

Journal: Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open

Author: Francisco Pasquel

Co-Authors: Alexandra L. Migdal, Ram Jagannathan, Emad Qayed, Kenneth Cusi, Rozalina G. McCoy, Lesley S. Miller

Department: Endocrinology

Article: Association of Obesity, Diabetes, and Alcohol use with Liver Fibrosis Among US Adults with Hepatitis C

Journal: JAMA Network Open

Author: Olatunji Alese

Co-Authors: Wei Zhou, Renjian Jiang, Katerina Zakka, Chimuanya Okoli, Walid L. Shaib, Mehmet Akce

Department: Hemoatology

Article: Predictive and Prognostic Effects of Primary Tumor Size on Colorectal Cancer Survival

Journal: Frontiers in Oncology

Author: Zanthia Wiley

Co-Author: K. Ashley Jones, Udodirim N. Onwubiko, Julianne Kubes, Benjamin Albrecht, Kristen Paciullo, Jessica Howard-Anderson, Sujit Suchindran, Ronald Tribe, Jesse T. Jacob, Sarah H. Yi, Dana Goodenough, Scott K. Fridkin, Mary Elizabeth Sexton

Department: infectious Disease

Article: Reductions in inpatient fluoroquinolone use and postdischarge Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) from a systemwide antimicrobial stewardship intervention

Journal: Antimicrobial Stewardship & Healthcare Epidemiology

Author: Matthew H.  Collins

Co-Authors: Carly Adams, Amy C. Sherman, William C. Dube, Teresa C. Smith, Neena Edupuganti, Nora Chea, Shelley S. Magill, Daniel O. Espinoza, Yerun Zhu, Varun K. Phadke, Srilatha Edupuganti, James P. Steinberg, Benjamin A. Lopman, Jesse T. Jacob, Matthew H. Collins, Scott K. Fridkin, Jessica Howard-Anderson

Department: Infectious Disease

Article: Occupational risk factors for severe acute respiratory coronavirus virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection among healthcare personnel: A 6-month prospective analysis of the COVID-19 Prevention in Emory Healthcare Personnel (COPE) Study

Journal: Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology

Author: Raymund Dantes

Co-Authors: Kalvin C. Yu, Gang Ye, Jonathan R. Edwards, Vikas Gupta, Andrea L. Benin, ChinEn Ai

Department: Medicine

Article: Hospital-Onset Bacteremia and Fungemia: An Evaluation of Predictors and Feasibility of Benchmarking Comparing Two Risk-Adjusted Models Among 267 Hospitals

Journal: Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology

Author: Alison Smith

Co-Authors: Eli Wilber, Paulina A. Rebolledo, Joseph Sharp, Sheetal Kandiah, Daniel S. Graciaa, Russell R. Kempker

Department: Medicine

Article: Low Rates of Antibiotic Use among Ambulatory Patients with COVID-19 Infection

Journal: Antimicrobial Stewardship & Healthcare Epidemiology

Author: David Loring

Co-Authors: Jessica L. Saurman, Stephen C. Bowden, James J. Lah, Felicia C. Goldstein

Department: Neurology

Article: The Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test: Cross Validation of Mayo Normative Studies (MNS) Demographically Corrected Norms with Confidence Interval Estimates

Journal: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

Author: Chibueze Nwagwu

Co-Authors: David C. Adamson, Amanda V. Immidisetti, Nitesh V. Patel, Anne-Marie Carbonell

Department: Neurosurgery

Article: Clinically Explored Virus-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Recurrent High-Grade Glioma in Adults

Journal: Biomedicines

Author: Adriana G. Ioachimescu

Co-Authors: Nelson M. Oyesiku, Neevi Goswami, Adlai Pappy, Talin Handa, Emir Veledar

Department: Neurosurgery

Article: Racial disparities in acromegaly and Cushing’s disease: a referral center study in 241 patients

Journal: Journal of the Endocrine Society

Author: Ghazala O’Keefe

Co-Authors: Aditya Rali, Lucy T. Xu, Caroline Craven, Jonathan B. Cohen, Steven Yeh, Hans E. Grossniklaus

Department: Ophthalmology

Article: Diagnostic Retinal Biopsy in the Management of Secondary Non-CNS Vitreoretinal Lymphoma Masquerading as Viral Retinitis: A Case Report

Journal: International Journal of Retina and Vitreous

Author: Nicole Schmitt

Co-Authors: Andre Burnham, Kartik Viswanathan

Department: Otolaryngology

Article: A curious submandibular mass associated with the mylohyoid muscle

Journal: Otolaryngology Case Reports

Author: Emma Lathan-Powell

Co-Authors: Abigail Powers, Anna Kottakis, Alfonsina guelfo, Greg Siegle, Jessica A. Turner, Matthew D. Turner, Vijwala Yakkanti, Jahnvi Jain, Andrew P. Tee*, Joseph M. Currier, Negar Fani

Department: Psychology

Article: Civilian Moral Injury: Associations with Trauma Type and High-Frequency Heart Rate Variability in Two Trauma-Exposed, Community-Based Samples

Journal: Psychological Medicine

Author: Mingyao Zhu

Co-Authors: Katja Langen, Elizabeth Nichols, Yuting Lin, Stella Flampouri, Karen Godette, Sunil Dutta, Mark McDonald, Sagar Patel

Department: Radiation Oncology

Article: Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Treatment Planning for Postmastectomy Patients with Metallic Port Tissue Expanders

Journal: Advances in Radiation Oncology

Author: Eric Walton

Co-Authors: Timothy P Quinn, Evan Mulloy, Dattatraya Patil, Akanksha Mehta

Department: Urology

Article: Cost of Intralesional Collagenase Clostridium Histiolyticum Therapy Versus Surgery for the Management of Peyronie’s Disease: A Claims-Based Analysis (2009-2019)

Journal: Sexual Medicine