Evening with an Author ~ Wednesday February 26

rawlingspic2On Wednesday February 26 at 7pm, Georgia author and Oxford alum William Rawlings will be at the library to discuss and sign copies of his latest book, A Killing on Ring Jaw Bluff, a non-fiction account of a small town murder in 1925, set against the backdrop of the rise and fall of Georgia’s rural population.  A 1968 graduate of Oxford, Rawlings is a native of Sandersville, GA, where he still lives on the family farm and conducts a medical practice. 



Sound exciting?  Before you answer, stop and think through those details.  You might just find something of interest in there.

  • Are you pre-med?  Rawlings is a practicing physician with his own practice in his home town.
  • Interested in literature?  Rawlings had moderate success with five previous novels before deciding to try his hand at non-fiction.
  • Are you a business major?  Let’s discuss entrepreneurship and local economy structures affected by the events that culminated with the Great Depression.
  • Is history or social science your thing?  This is an excellent example of how multiple social institutions work together at any given time to create individual situations and historical context.
  • Interested in Psychology, Deviance, or Law?  The description of the murder includes family drama and entanglement with a little law bending and a lot of power struggles.
  • Are you an environmental or biology buff?  Let’s talk about the boll weevil migration and its effects on cotton crops and the agricultural and eco-systems of rural Georgia.

Wow, this event will have a little something for everyone… literally!  Hope to see you at the library on Wednesday evening at 7pm.

And did we mention there were going to be snacks?

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