Valentine’s Day in the Library

Love, and a little friendly competition, circulated through the library this week as campus clubs vied for photo booth domination in the library. On Tuesday the Student Library Committee kicked off the fun filled week with a tradeoff allowing students to display their bitter single versus loving mingle sides using separate photo booth backdrops. Broken hearts and an ominous black drape vied with pink hearts and a plethora of balloons to capture just the right attitude. Not to be outdone, the Student Affairs Committee ushered in a lovingly painted photo booth backdrop on Wednesday evening featuring the stars of the hit film Frozen. The Disney theme certainly hit a chord with students who loved the possibility of grabbing a little pixie dust from that special someone. Last but not least, the Muslim Student Association wrapped up the Valentine week affair with an exquisitely crafted paper minaret to capture a global take on the holiday. Tea and snacks added to the affair, offering a little something extra for everyone in attendance.

Without a doubt, students brought their A game and really hammed it up for the camera, hoping to win a nightly grand prize of dinner and dessert for an evening out with that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Special appreciation is awarded to Jonathan Daso, Christopher Bishop, Sahil Mithwani, Helen Zhu, and Mayowa Ogunsanya for this such a special week in the library.​

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