Spotlight On: Library Leader Laura Cortina

Name: Laura Cortina

Hometown: Homestead, FL

Class: Second-year

Major: Political Science/Philosophy

Factoids about Laura:

  • When I was around eight to twelve years old, I would spend most of my free time in the public library that was two storefronts down from where my mom used to work. The librarians had to tell my mom that the library was not a daycare service, to which my mom replied, “I know, she just likes to be here.” Since then I’ve always wanted to work in a library!
  • I feel most like myself in a pair of black leather boots, a habit that began sophomore year of high school.
  • I am heavily into the zodiac(s) and astrology, but definitely not horoscopes, just birth charts. In fact, I’m more likely to remember a person’s sun sign that I am to remember their birthday.
  • My culture and ethnicity are so important to me! I love being able to speak Spanish with my family and other members of the Hispanic/Latinx community. I love Cuban and Colombian food and 9 times out of 10 I’ll have a Spanish song stuck in my head.
  • I asked my roommate for help on these factoids. She demands I tell you all about my mother who does everything from carpentry to crochet to ink-well drawings. I, on the other hand, can hardly draw a stick figure.
  • Palm trees are my favorite tree, but my favorite singular tree is here at Oxford. It’s a small one right in front of Seney and it’s my favorite because it is the only tree on campus that turns a brilliant red orange in the fall. I’m still waiting for that to happen this year.
  • My favorite stand-alone novel is When She Woke by Hillary Jordan, although my favorite book series is the Dollanganger Series by V.C. Andrews which starts with the book Flowers in the Attic.
  • I can’t pick a favorite food, but I can pick a least favorite: soup. I mean, why is my food wet? It’s gross.
  • I used to write a lot, but mostly for myself. I hope to write at least one poem before the end of 2017; maybe it’ll help me get back into the writing mindset.
  • My favorite summer thus far has been the one I spent entirely in Colombia exploring the capital city of Bogotá, adventuring in remote and coastal towns, climbing mountains, helping out at my uncle’s hair salon… the list goes on.
  • For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. I’ll finally be living out that dream in May of 2018.
  • I’m the only person in my family without a middle name. My mom even had one picked out—Sofia—but she forgot to tell the nurse to write it down before they filed my birth certificate. Oops.
  • I want to learn how to properly go camping.