Spotlight On: Library Leader Savannah White

Savannah White

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Class: Sophomore

Major: English/Creative Writing

Factoids about Savannah:

  • My favorite thing on earth is music. (!!!) I practically came out of the womb listening to it and wouldn’t survive without it.
  • My favorite bands are twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy—all of whom I’ve gotten to see within the last 8 months—and I’ve listened to most of them since I was in elementary school. (It wasn’t just a phase, y’all.)
  • In the span of a 6-month period, I saw twenty one pilots three times in three different states. I bought the first ticket after only listening to their album once.
  • I’m a concert junkie. Shocking, right? I often travel state lines to see a band, which, I think, shows dedication.
  • I love words as much as I love lyrics, which is unsurprising given that I want to be an author and/or a poet. Since I was in middle school, I was that kid who had quotes and lyrics literally plastered all over their bedroom walls. I still do. Really, you should come see my dorm.
  • My favorite books are Some Boys by Patty Blount (which is a phenomenal addressing of rape survivor and victim blaming in our society, give it a read), The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.
  • I was born in Long Beach, California—a fact I have to think about sometimes when people ask me because I’ve lived in central Florida my whole life. I’ve never been back to California, so it’s just another state to me.
  • I was born two months early, weighed only four pounds, and had a needle inserted into my skull when I was a day old. Fun times.
  • TV shows everyone should make plans to watch: White Collar, Arrow, The Flash, Ozark, Grey’s Anatomy, and Hannibal.
  • I am a feminist!!! (Which is something I wish more people were open to saying.) My life pretty much revolves around pointing out sexism, gender inequality, LGBTQ+ inequality, racism, microaggressions, etc etc. A lot of people get annoyed but that just means you’re doing it right.
  • My dream job would be a dual job of authoring and activism. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save the world while writing some nice words?
  • I love cats. Ever since I can remember, we’ve rescued and fostered kittens that have been found in car engines, on the side of the road, or by our work buildings. My mom and I have ended up keeping some of them because we just can’t let them go.