2021 Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship Winner: Jaedyn Griddine

Young woman smiles at the camera. She has long black hair clipped back with rainbow clips on both sides of her head. She is wearing a rainbow striped shirt and a wood carving pendant.

Jaedyn Griddine, a first-year Political Science major from Powder Springs, Georgia, is Oxford College Library’s 2021 Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship recipient.

The award was established in 2011 by Humanities Professor John W. Gregory, Sr., who retired from Oxford College in 1979. He established the scholarship in memory of his wife, a former chemistry and mathematics professor at Oxford who later became the college’s head librarian.

The Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship provides financial support and is granted to an outstanding first-year student employee of the library. This year there were many commendable candidates! Jaedyn is this year’s recipient for best reflecting the four principles we expect of our student employees:

  • A professional attitude in working with the staff and their peers
  • Flexibility in taking on any task assigned to them or any problem that may arise
  • Invested in the success of library programs and the endeavor to improve upon them
  • An approachable disposition that makes the library a safe and welcoming space to all

In her application, Jaedyn discussed how working at the library has allowed her to develop as a leader:

Throughout my life, I have been reluctant to pursue leadership positions due to fear and a lack of confidence. My position at the library, however, has allowed me, even pushed me, to become a leader, and I believe the four principles expected of library employees are qualities of leaders as well…

I have learned to remain flexible, as a leader must guide others through challenges and take the charge to fix unprecedented problems. I have become invested in the library programs which I have had the tremendous opportunity to take part in, and I have maintained an approachable disposition, both to encourage a healthy workplace for my peers and also as a reflection of the positive attitudes that my peers have shown me…

I have had to overcome challenges and adapt to my unique remote environment, but it is well worth the effort, as I believe this experience has shaped me into a leader and an exemplary library employee.

We have seen Jaedyn’s leadership skills develop over the year through her involvement in library projects and her interactions with her Library Leader mentor Zaria Ford. The two have collaborated on creating thematic book displays for the library, which you can view here:

Congratulations, Jaedyn! We are so proud to work with you!