2023 Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship Winner Jane Brennan

Jane Brennan, a first-year majoring in Computer Science, is Oxford College Library’s 2023 Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship recipient. Jane impressed the library in her application with her passion for learning and education, as well as her commitment to the library.

In here application she stated:

My love of learning has always connected with my love of libraries, as they were the first place I was allowed to let my curiosity lead me to whatever area of interest I desired.

This statement resonates with the Oxford Libraries mission to accompany and help patrons on their journeys of discovery, research, and learning.

The Sara Gregory Scholarship Award was established in 2011 by Humanities Professor John W. Gregory, Sr., who retired from Oxford College in 1979. He established the scholarship in memory of his wife, a former chemistry and mathematics professor at Oxford who later became the college’s head librarian. 

The Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship provides financial support and is granted to an outstanding first-year student employee of the library. This year there were many commendable candidates! Jane is this year’s recipient for best reflecting the four principles we expect of our student employees: 

  • A professional attitude in working with the staff and their peers 
  • Flexibility in taking on any task assigned to them or any problem that may arise 
  • Invested in the success of library programs and the endeavor to improve upon them 
  • An approachable disposition that makes the library a safe and welcoming space to all 

Jane will be continuing to work at the library next year as one of our Library Leaders. We have seen Jane’s dedication to her work and academics here at the library. She truly embodies the four principles.  

Congratulations, Jane! We are so proud to work with you!

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  1. So proud of Jane! She will be a lifelong learner and a valuable asset to your program! She’s a delight!

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