Spotlight On: Library Leader Stephanie Lee

Name: Stephanie Inhyung Lee
Hometown: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Class: Second Year
Majors: Environmental Science & International Studies
Facts about Stephanie: 
  1. Move-In Day at Oxford was my first time in the South.
  2. My middle name is my parents’ couple name and it literally means doll in Korean.
  3. In kindergarten, I wanted to be a sunflower farmer and I almost got disowned.
  4. I once sold my flower painting for $400 in middle school at an auction.
  5. Screening is one of my many favorite things to do, besides reading, playing games (Smash?), writing, painting, drawing, hitting the gym, dancing, singing, procrastinating…
  6. I love musicals/opera so if you need someone to go with, hmu!