Infant Health Assessment

What are the priorities for this visit?

Health supervision:

  • Observe Parent Interaction
  • Survey development/parent concerns
    • Apply developmental theories by Piaget and Erikson to care and anticipatory guidance for infants
    • Select, administer, and interpret developmental screening tools used for infants
    • Social-emotional
    • Communicative
    • Cognitive
    • Physical Development
  • Screening
    • Administer and interpret appropriate screenings commonly administered during infancy
      • Metabolic Screen
      • Lead
      • Iron
    • Administer and evaluate an assessment for postpartum depression in mothers of infants.
  • Anticipatory guidance
    • Refer to Bright Futures pocket guide
    • Describe typical sleep patterns seen in infancy
    • Explain nutritional guidelines to families of infants
    • Physical Exam, note differences in priorities among exams and for future exams Infant