Social Determinants of Health



What are social determinants of health?  Please think about the following questions:

  1. Identify social determinants of health in various populations.
  2. Understand how social determinants influence health.

There is a great TedTalk on race and racism by Dr. Camara Jones.

Required reading:  Gorski, P. A., Kuo, A. A., Granado-Villar, D. C., Gitterman, B. A., Brown, J. M., Chilton, L. A., … & Zind, B. (2013). Community Pediatrics: Navigating the Intersection of Medicine, Public Health, and Social Determinants of Children’s Health. Pediatrics, 131(3), 623-628.

Assignment:  Conduct a literature review on socioeconomic , cultural, religion or any other factors related to pediatric healthcare and access to healthcare (at least 3 sources within the last 5 years).  Prepare a 1 page synopsis of your literature review and develop interventions for how PNPs may augment or positively affect identified problems.