Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism


Unless you don’t watch TV or follow the news on the internet, you couldn’t have missed the now-infamous “potty-mouth princesses” dropping the f-bomb to bring attention to feminism. The controversial video has created waves on and offline, and has parents up in arms claiming that letting the little girls speak in such a way is “child abuse”.

The video, posted on YouTube, has since gone viral, which shows very young girls dressed in princess costumes dropping the f-bomb like sailors, hence the “potty-mouth princess” title the video is now known for. The main point of the video was to bring attention to what feminists say is inequality and sexism against women in all areas of life, but it has become popular for the foul language displayed by the girls.

But is having the very young, innocent six-year-old “potty-mouth princesses” swearing like there’s no tomorrow the way to bring attention to their cause? According to many parents who have taken the time to comment on different websites where the story has been reported, and on social media, those behind the video are misguided and the message may have been lost.

In my opinion, the video clearly uses humor and satire to get those very real messages about gender-based discrimination across, and while for some folks, watching little girls drop f-bombs may be shocking, Fckh8.com brilliantly uses hyper-meta self-awareness to comment on that when one little girl says: “So, what is more offensive — a little girl saying ‘f-ck,’ or the f-cking unequal and sexist ways society treats girls and women?”

2 thoughts on “Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism”

  1. After watching the video a couple of times, laughing hysterically, and even cutting it into smaller bite-sized gifs to send around, I have to say it’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. What a terrible way of getting your point across. I agree that parents should be upset that little kids are being taught to speak like this at such a young age. This isn’t the way I want my kids to act, whether it’s only on camera or in real life. I want to know what idiot parents decided to allow their kids to star in this infamous video, because they should lose custody of their kids. I don’t understand how an organization like FCKH8 could have any support base. I understand that there are many feminists out there that feel the need to speak up about any gender inequality they might be feeling, but if you support this video and its medium for a message, then you’re just blindly following a crowd of idiots and lose any credibility. I think the irony of the video is that these kids are talking about abuse while being used as props for profit. Who thinks this is sending a good message to women? The whole point of the video was the piss people off. The point was to be edgy. They’re trying to throw obscenities all over the place to be in your face, but it’s coming across as just a really shitty advert to sell sweaters and t-shirts for a for-profit company. I’m considering filing for a roommate change Ji Min. Shame on you for supporting the abuse of unknowing children for corporate gains. These cult-minded feminists will do anything they can to call attention to their “cause.” This video does not even call attention to the issue of gender inequality. It’s just a display of four girls as they are profiteered. How is this going to effect the lives of these kids in the future? Do you think that when their friends are deemed old enough to see such a ridiculous display of debauchery, that they’re going to give them high-fives and say, “Good job! You guys really empowered women around the world!” No. They’re going to be made fun of. This company does not even do anything with your $15. They sell you a shirt for “awareness.” They’re using societal justice as a decoy to make money. “FCKH8.com is a for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission: arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality…” That’s straight from their website. That’s how they describe themselves. I would hope that real LGBT and feminist groups push back against this idiotic company, and not only claim no association with them, but actually condemn their actions. This stupid video is trying to create a polarity, saying that if you don’t think this is cool or hip or modern, then you’re anti equality. No, it just means I’m not an idiot who supports the irresponsibility of the parents of these children. I think this video sums up my feelings accurately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgNV3FbottE

  2. The first time I watch this video I was shocked and a bit uncomfortable because it’s unsettling to see grown people using children to get a point across in such a vulgar way. Since we were small we were taught to speak respectfully and not have a “potty-mouth”. If a teacher heard such words coming out of a student’s mouth you better believe someone would sit in detention while all the other kids would be outside enjoying the amazingness that is recess. To have educated people tell children that it is okay to use words like shit and fuck is troubling because they are being taught that it doesn’t matter what teachers say in school you can do what you want. It also creates concern within the people watching the video, but not about the topic at hand but instead about “what kind of parents would let their child talk that way”. I feel that instead of getting people to listen, they have closed the ears of many by creating this video. Also the content of the video is sexist in itself because it is just antagonizing men by making them look like a monster that must be stopped. While gender inequality is an issue that must be attended to, putting the blame solemnly on men and using small girls that say “pay up motherfucker” is not the way to do it. I feel that this video was made with a greater intent of getting a reaction from the public only and not about spreading the message about gender inequality which is what its primary goal should be enforced. By having little girls use words that are used by adults it is as though they are taking away the innocence of the child. While I believe that gender inequality is a topic of concern and should be addressed, I don’t believe using children who are talking vulgarly is the way to do it. This video created great discussion yes, but about what? Feminism, rape, pay inequality, or body image? No. It was about why these little girls are using such strong language and how “wrong” it was for them to be speaking this way. I feel that this campaign not only overstretched the rubber band but it broke it as well. And once the rubber band is broken, people will not hear what the campaigners have to say about their issue anymore.

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