Obama is Optimistic about Congress passing a Permanent Immigration Reform

Recently, Obama declared an executive action to aid immigrants that are in the US. In his speech he stated that immigrants would be able to have a permission to get a job legally and not fear deportation. There were only certain immigrants that were eligible for this permission and those were the ones who have been living in the U.S for at least five years, they must get a criminal check, and they had to pay all the taxes they hadn’t paid over the years. This permission would only be temporary though it did not guarantee immigrants citizenship. Since his declaration there has been much debate on the issue and in an article by NBC News, Obama is seen giving a speech about the topic again. In this speech he states that he believes that congress will not come into an agreement with a permanent immigration reform until the issues of tax reformation, infrastructure, and trade are resolved first. Obama still stays optimist about the possibility of the Republicans saying yes to an immigration reform. Obama also feels that congress will try to “take a stab” at his executive action but then eventually come to an agreement. The question that many immigrants have now though is whether they should fill out the temporary permission. Some fears are that for the two years that Obama remains in office everything will be okay but what will happen after? Will the new president eliminate the reform? And if so what will they do with the information they acquired from all the immigrants?


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