Denyse Levesque on “The Ethics of Using Animals in Research”

April 4 @ 10:30-12, Claudia Nance Rollins Bldg., Room 4001

The use of animals in research provides knowledge that ultimately save lives and increases the quality of health and life of individuals, families and society. Despite the benefits to the health of animals and humans from animal research, it remains one of the most controversial areas of research ethics. Ethical questions such as if the benefits to human health justify the discomfort to animals or do researchers have obligations in the care of the animals use for research, will be explore through cases discussion. We will discuss those ethical issues in light of the three “R”s of animal research, Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

Target audience: Natural/Biological/Biomedical Science Students

Format: Workshop. The first 30 minutes will be an introduction to different regulations and guidelines which will help for the discussion part of the workshop. Then, we will use the remaining hour to discuss cases involving animal use in research which will include complex ethical situations.

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