CLSS Undergraduate Fellows Program

Emory is an unusual university in that it has the advantage of being both an excellent liberal arts college and a tier-one research university. One of the missions of the Center for Law and Social Science is to take advantage of these strengths and promote the fruitful interaction of undergraduate education and scholarly research. Each year the Center hosts a small number of undergraduate fellows who are active participants in this university’s vital research environment. The privileges of being a fellow include the following:

  • Participation in the Center’s seminars and conferences,
  • the opportunity to meet with leading scholars from around the globe and talk to them about their research and careers,
  • the opportunity to participate in ongoing faculty research as a research assistant, and
  • independent study course credit.

Affiliated and visiting scholars are drawn from all social science fields, but also include scholars working in truly interdisciplinary fields. Thus, students will be exposed to a wide range of scholarly fields and approaches. Accepting a fellowship is a commitment to participate in all of these activities for the duration of a school year. 

The Facebook India Ad Library Database

This initiative was launched in 2019 to provide a repository of data containing knowledge about party strategies by utilizing such measures as ad spend, length of ad run, type of ad, and target audience characteristics, obtained from the information on India 2019 ads in the Facebook Ad Library.  This project is ongoing as Emory University undergraduates on Dr. Semetko’s research team at the Center for Law and Social Science are translating from vernacular languages the main messages from key political parties ad in different states. Students include: Angela Choksi, Tanya Reddy Satteneni, Jigmey Jashar, Rishika Jikaria, Navyash Bhandari, Rhea Metha, Vedika Mehta. This project includes advertisements in the 2019 national elections, and state-elections in Delhi in February 2020, Kerala in May 2021, and possibly more.

For a list of current and previous undergraduate fellows working with Dr. Semetko at the Center for Law and Social Science, see