Grants Management Tools: Project Forecast and Project Variance

While the highly anticipated Grants Report is in its final stages of development, there are a couple of tools currently available to help manage the grants budgeting process.

Grants > Award > Interactive Reports > Project Volume.

Project Forecast, pulling from the Project Resource Table provides:

  • Begin and End Dates for a given project
  • The opportunity to extract dates from the overall date range of the project
  • Account numbers
  • Budgeted and Actual accounts
  • Encumberances and unobligated balance patch
  • Average monthly burn rate

Grants > Award > Interactive Reports > Project Variances

Project Variance, pulling from the Project Resource Table, provides:

  • Date search by transaction
  • Account values/description
  • Budgeted and Actual amounts
  • Encumberances  and Unobligated balances

Both reports provide valuable, at a glance budget data on a per project basis. User provides drives which will be the most  useful

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