Effort System & RST's

The effort system (ERS) and the labor distribution system (RSTs) are still unavailable for use at this time. This means salary transfers cannot be done, neither by the departments nor by central administration. We are waiting for UTS to complete the conversion and testing so that these systems are compatible with PeopleSoft. They have not given us any dates so we currently have no timeline for availability.

Please remember that any salary transfers (RSTs) affecting someone paid from a sponsored account for the Jun-Aug 2009 period will need to be done in ERS once this system is available. Paper forms received for this period will be returned to the department so they can enter it online when the system is available. As always, we will accept paper forms for employees not paid from sponsored accounts. We will hold these until we are able to input them. If you are concerned with the 90 day deadline please know that the system issues will not be held against you in meeting this deadline. For paper RSTs coming through the central office, we will take this delay into consideration when enforcing the deadlines.

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