Inactivating SmartKeys on Sponsored Projects

A request to inactivate a SmartKey should be made when:

  • An award/project ends and all transactions are complete and ready for close
  • A SmartKey is set up in error

1) Submission and request for inactivation of the SmartKey assumes the following have been completed by the requesting department:

  • All charges are appropriate and all unallowables are completely transferred off; there are no items in suspence related to this SmartKey
  • All feeder systems that were originally hitting this SmartKey have been notified of the new SmartKey to use where appropriate
  • Any open Purchase Orders have been updated based on inactivation of this SmartKey
  • Any RST’s submitted have been fully processed.
  • All collaborative departments have been notified of inactivation of this SmartKey
  • Requesting department has obtained all appropriate approvals based on school level requirements

2) OGCA will:

  • Will review to make sure department has met above requirements
  • Will review for unallowable and restricted costs
  • Will ensure that all allowable costs have been billed
  • Will ensure that all cash has been received from sponsor
  • Will review F&AC
  • If approved, the request will be submitted for processing and an email will be sent to requestor as well as the master department when appropriate
  • If rejected, an email will be sent to the requestor with reasons for rejection

3) Timetable – Please keep in mind that the OGCA review process, billing and collection of outstanding payments will occur prior to submission of SmartKey inactivation – delays can occur at this stage. Once a request is reviewed, approved and submitted for processing, requestor and the master department will receive an email which notifies them of approval and submission. Please allow 2 full business days after you receive the approval email for the inactivation to be completed

4) Resources – The request to inactivate form can be found on the OGCA website here


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