NIH Streamlines Technology Transfer Process

excerpted from NIHPress: The National Institutes of Health is launching the electronic Research Materials catalog (eRMa)(link) to streamline the federal government’s technology transfer process. This project addresses one of the important directives in a Presidential memorandum related to the commercialization of federal research and support for high-growth business potential. the new system will streamline the licensing process by:

  • Providing a website for companies to find and license unpatented materials using a ready-to-go contract
  • Allowing a company to pay online through and receive the materials from the lab quickly
  • Providing faster turn-around time and simplifying the process for companies to find research materials available from NIH labs.

For non-profit research organizations interested in obtaining NIH materials through a material transfer agreement, the NIH will launch the Transfer Agreement Dashboard in December. This web-based system will have a broad array of beneficiaries including NIH scientists and technology transfer staff as well as researchers and technology transfer offices at universities and non-profit research institutions. The full announcement can be read here.

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