Is Your Lab Leaving Emory or Relocating to Another Location?

If so, prior to departing from your research space, all labs are requested to contact EHSO to schedule a Lab Decommissioning meeting.  During this meeting, our office provides a comprehensive overview of the decommissioning process to discuss the safety requirements that apply to your lab move.  Additionally, at the meeting, we assist with identifying the various waste streams and provide methods for disposal.  To schedule the meeting, contact your designated Research Safety Building Liaison or call the EHSO main line (404-727-5922).

Also, here is another quick reminder.  Prior to reoccupying a new research space, the Department will need to contact EHSO and Campus Services.  EHSO must be contacted to ensure that your research spaces are provided with Hazard Signs outside of the entrance.  Campus Services must be contacted to ensure that the research space is cleaned in preparation for the new occupant.

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