Compass Support Incident Log

Are you experiencing an issue with Compass? Are you about to log an incident using the Compass Support Incident Log? Stop right there! Entering an incident on your own will delay the process of your request being resolved. When experiencing an issue with Compass, please email with your issue and include screenshots of what you are viewing if possible. PSGrants will work with you to ensure that your request is solved promptly.

In addition, please add this topic: Ad hoc’ing an approver

The person completing the ad hoc must be a current approver.  If the person you are trying to ad hoc has not been set up as an approver, they will need to be added to the workflow before they can be ad hoc’d into the proposal. A workflow request form will need to be filled out for the person who needs to be added to the workflow. You can find the form using the link I’ve provided below.

Steps to Ad hoc an approver:

  1. Verify that you have an Approve button.
  2. Click Pending Approval link.
  3. Click the (+) button where you would like to ad hoc the person.
  4. Insert the approver.
  5. Click Apply Approval Changes. (If not available, skip to next step.)
  6. Click Go to Proposal.
  7. Click Approve.

 From the Sponsored Programs Handbook

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