Uniform Guidance: Some Additional Guidance

stock-photo-immigration-paperwork-from-f-114894Emory Uniform Guidance Manual and Quick Guide Coming Soon

General Update
During the past month, there were not many new directions received regarding Uniform Guidance.  NIH noted that they will extend the final reporting (financial and programmatic) requirements from 90 days to 120 days (following the end of the award) for any awards ending after 10/1/14.  They also stated that Interim reports will continue to be due at 90 days following the end of the period.

On 3/31/15, NIH issued their revised Grants Policy Statement.  This document is currently under review.  OSP/OGCA will provide further guidance during April on the contents of this document and how any changes may impact the Emory Research Community.

Next Steps:
We are still awaiting the release of the Research Terms and Conditions.  We will notify the community as soon as these are available.  Based upon communications from the federal agencies, this is not expected in the very near future.  An expected release date has not been provided.

An Emory Uniform Guidance Manual will be released within the next couple weeks.  A Quick Guide for Researchers on Uniform Guidance will also be released with this document.

Questions?  Not sure what decision to make?
If you have a question regarding how to handle an award issued under Uniform Guidance, please ensure that you contact RAS, OSP, or OGCA for assistance.   New information is being sporadically provided and guidance on some topics is still pending.   We realize this creates a challenge and are here to assist.  In some cases, we may need to contact the federal sponsor for guidance.

***It is important to keep in mind that a very small amount of the awards we currently have at Emory are subject to Uniform Guidance.   Most of the active awards at Emory continue to be subject to A21, A110 and A133.  So while we do not have full guidance from the federal agencies, most of the terms of our active awards have not changed. 

Kerry Peluso, Associate Vice President Research Administration



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