NIH Payment Management System (PMS) Subaccount Transition

Amanda Exum and Kim Rowell
Research Administration Services

NIH announced in July 2013 that payment for all grant awards would transition to Payment Management System (PMS) Subaccounts. Payments for NIH domestic awards are currently made via pool accounts (G) in PMS. Since October 1, 2013, new competing NIH awards have been issued with P accounts (one per award). October 1, 2015, the remaining NIH letter of credit (LOC) awards began the transition to subaccounts. This will allow NIH to have visibility of draws by award and the ability to enforce close-out deadlines. The ability to drawdown funds will be restricted to 90 days after each award’s end date. At that time, drawdowns will require approval. All NIH LOC awards will be transitioned by September 30, 2016.

What this means to Emory –
The PMS Subaccount Transition project is officially underway. Realizing the burden of additional reporting, management allocated resources to create a PMS Subaccount Transition team within RAS Central Operations to address the additional workload.

The team is meeting with RAS units individually regarding their specific populations. A total of 206 awards are affected, 154 direct awards and 52 flow through awards from other sponsors. All 154 direct awards require an FSR and a new award to be set up.

For awards with an existing annual FSR requirement, the annual FSR will serve as the transition FSR. The remaining awards require an actual transition FSR. For awards where Emory is a sub to the prime sponsor, we will wait on communication from the sponsor to determine if a final invoice or FSR is required.

What this means to RAS units –
Each RAS unit is responsible for their population of annual FSRs. The PMS Transition team is responsible for all other FSRs that have no annual FSR requirement. However, the PMS Transition team will request PANs for all new awards regardless of the FSR category (annual and transition).

Unobligated balances on awards with automatic carryover will be transferred to the new award. Carryover requests will still be required for awards without automatic carryover. There is no change in Progress Report due dates.

Although the PMS Transition team will be preparing ARRTs  and transition only FSRs, assistance from RAS members will be required. Once a PAN is received for the new award, the RAS will be responsible for updating smartkeys (labor and service center/DAR charges). The project team will notify the RAS if additional adjustments such as RSTs or JEs are needed to clear deficits. Each RAS is also responsible for obtaining final subcontract invoices, requesting new subcontract agreements, reallocating the unobligated budget once it has been transferred to the new award and carryover requests, if applicable.

Please feel free to contact Kim Rowell if you have any questions.
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