Your Green Holiday Checklist

Holidays are around the corner! Many of us will be taking some time off, but whether it is for a couple of days or a week, refer to the following Green Holiday Checklist to ensure that your lab space is green and sustainable before you leave for break:

  • Turn off all computers and unplug any devices such as radios, speakers, monitors and/or printers. Electronics still consume energy even when turned off.
  • Turn off all lights, including the UV light inside the Biosafety Cabinet.
  • Turn off any lab equipment (centrifuges, water baths, etc.) that is not in use.
  • Close chemical fume hood sashes so that the sash is completely down.
  • Dispose of any unneeded/old samples stored in lab fridges/freezers.
  • Ensure that all waste (chemical, biological, and radioactive) is disposed of properly.
  • Secure and store all hazardous materials appropriately.
  • Check and report any water leakage.
  • Ensure that lab spaces are locked and secured against unauthorized entry.
  • Ensure that staff has access to emergency and alternate contact information (please submit a signage update if the contacts and/or phone numbers have changed). Be sure to include cell phone numbers only, as office numbers are not appropriate.
  • As always, refer to the “Just in Time” guide for emergency follow-up instructions.

Contact the EHSO Spill Team at 404-727-2888 (24/7) for spills, and refer to for  more information on reporting accidents and/or incidents during regular business and after business hours.

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