eIRB System Updated and Improved

The eIRB system underwent a needed update on  November 6th.

This update was Phase 1 of a project to improve login and account creation, and to update departments and user accounts in eIRB. Specifically, you will observe these changes:

  • The login screen looks different, and more like the login screens for other Emory systems, such as PeopleSoft.
  • There is no longer a need to use ENID to request new eIRB user accounts. Instead, logging into the eIRB system for the first time will automatically create a new account.
    • Note: Sponsored accounts will still be needed for non-EU/non-EHC users, but the subsequent ENID step is no longer needed.
  • Departments have been updated based on what is currently in PeopleSoft (previously, departments had not been synchronized with PeopleSoft, and were outdated). Because of this change:
    • You may see a different department attached to your name – hopefully one that is more accurate. There is a chance that new user accounts could temporarily show an “Unassigned Department,” which the IRB staff can help rectify.
  • You may see an asterisk (*) on the names of some departments. Departmental approval is a required step in the IRB submission process, but not all eIRB departments have associated approvers. The asterisk indicates that a given department has approvers associated with it (usually the Chair or other leader).
    • If the eIRB smartform (Page 2) does not automatically pre-fill with an asterisked department, please choose an appropriate department with an asterisk from the drop-down menu. (This does not apply to studies going to a faculty advisor for approval).

We hope the changes are beneficial, and we look forward to continuing improvements! We have some of your suggestions on the list as well, such as more detailed and useful email notifications about your studies.

Rebecca Rousselle, CIP
Director, Emory Institutional Review Board
Website: irb.emory.edu

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