Program Updates from COI: External Investigators Engaged in Emory Sponsored Research

External investigators, who are engaged in Emory PHS -sponsored research and are following Emory’s COI policies, must complete the External Investigator Report of Financial Interests in Research Form at:

  • Proposal submission;
  • Annually if said investigator is engaged on the project that particular year; and
  • Within 30 days of learning of a new financial interest related to the grant

An Investigator is defined as the following:

  • Project Directors, Principal Investigators, and/or members of the research team identified as Senior or Key Personnel on the grant or contract application, award, progress report. Other Significant Contributors are not included unless the PI has indicated that they are responsible for and have authority to make independent decisions regarding the design, conduct or reporting of the research
  • Individuals identified by the Principal Investigator or Project Director who are responsible for and have substantial independent decision making in respect to the design, conduct or reporting of the research, such as Collaborators or Consultants named on the grant; and
  • The External Investigator must report Significant Financial Interests for himself /herself and for his/her spouse, same-sex domestic partner and dependent children that are related to the Investigator’s institutional

Clinical Trials
Please note that there are sometimes more than just the “PI” engaged in a research project even though only person listed in the budget (e.g., clinical trial).  If you are unsure of whom to add as an investigator, add clinical coordinators on as a proxy to your Proposal Financial Interest in Research Reports and ask them to work with the PI to identify any additional individuals that meet the definition of “investigator.”  This addition will help ensure all appropriate individuals are completing disclosures.

From the Conflict of Interest Office

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