Research Safety Administrative Requirements

  1. Training:


Please ensure that your training is up to date. Do not use Internet Explorer and follow the directions in the ELMS guide provided below:


Training Module Who Needs to Update the Training Module Course Code in ELMS How Often?
Research Lab Safety Training ·         All personnel working in a research space at Emory University main campus and satellite locations (Hope Clinic, Ponce Clinic, Woodruff Extension Building)

·         All Principal Investigators holding a biosafety approval

·         All Principal Investigators holding a chemical safety approval (use of chemicals in animals)

·         All Principal Investigators who may not actively work in the lab

EHSO 240150 Annual
BBP Training All personnel working with materials of human source including human cell lines EHSO 240100 Annual
Biosafety Training ·         All personnel working with biological materials/agents in a research laboratory

·         All Principal Investigators holding a biosafety approval, including those who may not actively work in the lab

EHSO 240120 Every 3-yr


If you have problems with ELMS, request assistance through


  1. If you work with materials of human source, including human cell lines, you will also need to submit Hepatitis B documentation:


The Hepatitis B vaccine consists of three doses, and 1 titer to test for antibodies.

  • If the individual has completed the vaccination (three doses and titer) from an outside source, they may provide documentation from that source.
  • If the individual needs to complete the vaccination, the vaccine can be obtained from Employee Health/Occupational Injury Management.
  • If the individual does not wish to receive the vaccination, or if they have received the vaccination previously and are unable to provide documentation, they must complete the Immunization Review Form:


Please send documentation to

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