Think Before You Act!

Researchers beware! Do not leave research materials, such as ice buckets, in common spaces. Research materials need to stay in the lab and food needs to stay out of the laboratory space.

EHSO recently received the images below via email from a concerned lab worker. The bucket was left unattended on a table at the Café located in the Grace Crum Rollins Building. The bucket was full of ice and contained other reagents. EHSO was not provided any other details, but the perception was concerning for visitors of the Café.  The conclusion most people would make is that the material placed on this eating surface was hazardous.  It is important that all lab personnel follow basic rules with respect to taking lab materials into any common area.

Areas that are suitable for lab reagents, samples, and equipment must be posted with the hazards associated with these materials to communicate this to the occupants. Everyone must work to ensure that all lab materials are kept in the areas designated for lab use.

Perception:  Defined as “the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information, or the environment.” – Wikipedia

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