NIH Announces Salary Cap for FY2019

Effective Date: January 6, 2019

The HHS Appropriations Act provides authority for NIH to incur obligations for FY2019. This Act restricts the amount of direct salary to Executive Level II of the Federal Executive pay scale.  The Office of Personnel Management has recently released new salary levels for the Executive Pay Scale.  Effective January 6, 2019, the salary limitation for Executive Level II is $192,300.

For awards issued in those years that were restricted to Executive Level II (see historical record of salary cap link below), including competing awards already issued in FY2019, if adequate funds are available in active awards, and if the salary cap increase is consistent with the institutional base salary, grantees may rebudget funds to accommodate the current Executive Level II salary level.  However, no additional funds will be provided to these grant awards.

NIH maintains a historical record of the salary cap at:

The new cap may be used immediately in NIH proposal budgets for individuals whose institutional base salary exceeds the new cap.

For full information see NIH Notice Number: NOT-OD-19-099

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