Lab Spotlight

EHSO would like to recognize the Bostick Lab for the November Lab Safety Spotlight. Congratulations to the members of Dr. Roberd Bostick’s research group for embracing a culture of safety. Keep up the great work! 

Pictured L-R: Dr. Rami Yacoub, Dr. Roberd Bostick

About the Bostick Lab:Our laboratory is a histology, immunohistochemistry, and image analysis research laboratory primarily focused in measuring biomarkers for colorectal cancer in biopsies of normal-appearing colorectal tissue from participants in epidemiologic observational studies, and randomized, controlled trials.”

Members of the lab selected for the Lab Safety Spotlight will receive a pizza party sponsored by EHSO. 

Thank you to all the labs and team members for being proactive and embracing a culture of safety. 

Ways members of research labs can embrace a culture of safety: 

  • Maintain your EHSO training to keep it up-to-date 
  • Know the biological, chemical properties, or characteristics of the materials that you are using in research 
  • Use your PPE according to the lab-specific PPE Assessment 
  • Review the safety and lab-specific SOPs before commencing work 
  • Clean after you have finished your work 
  • Know how to respond to and report an incident or accident 



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