Managing Your Laboratory Satellite Accumulation Area

Chemical waste is generated across the Emory Research and Healthcare Communities. All used and unwanted chemicals are handled as Regulated Wastes and are managed by the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO).  You can request waste pick-up through the Online Waste Request System on EHSO’s Main Website.

The designated area in your lab where waste is accumulated for disposal is called a “Satellite Accumulation Area” or SAA. Here is a quick guide to managing the chemical waste in your SAA:

All Containers must:

  • Have a completed Hazardous Waste Label. All sections must be completed before adding waste to the container.
  • Have GHS pictograms. Add the pictograms that define the hazard of the chemical (flammable, corrosive, etc.). While on campus, you can use the Safety Data Sheet located on our website to help find the correct ones or contact EHSO for help.
  • Keep closed when not being added to or have a lidded funnel.
  • Store in secondary containment.

Contact EHSO if you have any questions at or (404) 712-6622.

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