New Method to Schedule a Respirator Fit Testing

There is a new method to schedule respirator fit testing. Before fit testing can be conducted please complete the following: 

  1. Obtain Medical Clearance 
    Employees should  

    • Log into Peoplesoft Self-Service using your Network ID and password. 
    • Click the Workplace Health Tile. 
    • From your HOME portal, click self-scheduling/appointments and select EH N95 Certification. 
    • You must be prepared to show proof of Medical Clearance completed in HOME to the individual fit testing you.
  2. Log into your Emory Learning Management (ELMS):  
    1. Select online training course: 242181 – Respiratory Protection for single use respirator. 
    2. You must bring proof of training. Either print the training certificate or be prepared to show proof on your phone in ELMS.
  3. The Department / Program will need to provide the N95 respirators that will be used for fit testing.
  4. For fit test scheduling please schedule by clicking on the following link: 

Please Note: 

  • You should not eat, drink anything other than water, or chew gum or tobacco within 30 minutes of being fit tested.

  • You must be clean shaven. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 


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