OnCore Implementation Impact Letter

Emory Research Community, Associated Partners, Collaborators, and Sponsors:

Emory University is implementing the OnCore clinical trials management system (CTMS) in September/October 2022. OnCore is an enterprise-wide CTMS that will optimize the management of clinical research and integrate multiple functions including protocol administration, coverage analysis, budget development, participant tracking, and sponsor invoicing. Implementing this new system will occur in alignment with Emory Healthcare’s transition to the Epic electronic medical records system. Together the two systems will provide enhanced integration for healthcare and clinical research activities across the enterprise.

Concurrent implementation of these complex systems is a momentous task. Leadership and key stakeholders are involved in planning; subject matter experts are guiding decisions; and end users are undergoing preparation and training–all while maintaining quality and accuracy of existing workloads. Though consultants and external work forces are providing support, ultimately it is the expertise and engagement of our own faculty and staff that will lead to the success of this endeavor.

Over the next couple of months, we anticipate impacts to our productivity in clinical research and research administration, both before and after the two systems go live. We ask for your patience, extra kindness, and understanding to all those who are navigating these changes. With your collaboration and support, we will build a more efficient, comprehensive, and connected clinical research network for Emory.

Thank you,

Robert Nobles, DrPH, MPH, CIP
Vice President for Research Administration

Jeffrey L. Lennox, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research, School of Medicine

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