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Working with Hazardous Chemicals in Animals

If you are planning on working with hazardous chemicals and animals there are a few requirements that need to be met. You must be listed on an EHSO Chemical Safety Approval Letter and your PI must have IACUC approval to use hazardous chemicals in animals. To be listed on an EHSO approval letter, your PI […]

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AAALAC International Site Visit at Emory University

The AAALAC International site visit of the animal care and use program at Emory University will be conducted by a 4-person team of peers on March 3-5, 2020.  While much of the focus will be on DAR and IACUC, laboratories will be site visited, particularly those where surgery and other experimental procedures are done on […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals at Emory University – Particularly Hazardous Substances

OSHA and Emory University require that individual laboratories develop written procedures for handling particularly hazardous substances (See the OSHA Lab Standard 1910.1450 and Emory University Chemical Hygiene Plan). Written procedures document that personnel are trained and help to ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Particularly hazardous substances are chemical agents that pose a serious health […]

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Chemical Fume Hood Annual Performance Testing

Chemical fume hoods (CFHs) are found in most research labs and must undergo annual performance testing (previously referred to as certification). Annual Performance Testing(formerly known as certification) 1. Measure the flow rate (linear feet per minute, lfm) with the sash set at 18 inches from the fume hood surface/bench. Multiple data points are recorded and […]

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Safer Alternatives in Research – Addressing Ethidium Bromide

Ethidium Bromide is a commonly used stain for gel electrophoresis in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) protocols, despite inherent health risks associated with it. Ethidium Bromide is a mutagen and causes acute toxicity if inhaled. You will find the following GHS pictograms on the manufacturer label and SDS. However, there are safer alternatives to ethidium bromide. […]

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Do You Protect Your Eyes and Face? 

Are you in danger of becoming a statistic? Protecting your eyes and face is important in the workplace and outside of work. Thousands of people are blinded each year from work related eye injuries that could have been prevented with proper eye and face protection.  The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) requires employers to ensure […]

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Using Smart Devices at Emory University

There are security and safety issues associated with the use of smart devices at Emory. Provided below is a list of safety issues[1] associated with using smart devices, specifically in research laboratories, and ways to mitigate these. Safety Issue  Recommendation to mitigate risk  Contamination[2] Electronics can bring contamination to your sterile environment – surface decontaminate […]

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Yerkes Scavenger Hunt Winners

Thank you to those who came out to Get to Know EHSO on November 21, 2019! We appreciate all who participated and we want to congratulate the winners of the scavenger hunt. First 10 people to complete the hunt successfully: Susana Contreras Alcantara Olivia Delmas Callie Wilson-Minott Charlott Morel Sanchez Ariel Robinson Lelah Harmon Reese […]

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Lab Spotlight

EHSO would like to recognize the Bostick Lab for the November Lab Safety Spotlight. Congratulations to the members of Dr. Roberd Bostick’s research group for embracing a culture of safety. Keep up the great work!  About the Bostick Lab: “Our laboratory is a histology, immunohistochemistry, and image analysis research laboratory primarily focused in measuring biomarkers […]

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Laser Safety at Emory University

Researchers that conduct experiments involving the use of Class 3B and 4 devices are included in the Emory University Laser Safety Program. The program covers the services that EHSO provides including: online training, registration, risk assessments, laser eye protection evaluation, hazard signage, as well as the requirements that researchers must follow when using lasers in […]

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