Spring 2023 Religion GRADS, Department Award Recipients and Honors-CONGRATS to all our Student!

May 2023-

Class of 2023: Religion Major Graduates

Liv Metzger, a joint major in Religion & Anthropology and a major in Art History

Ella Morgen, a major in Linguistics and Religion.

Class of 2023: Religion Minor Graduates

Alison Beskind

Sabina Iqbal

Michelle Jiang

Yeer Jin

Guinevere Jones

Gabriele Kim

Christopher Lee

Tess Rosenthal

Krithika Shrinivas

Michael Tiffin

Matthew Wang


Paul B. Courtright Prize for Overall Excellence among Majors in the Department-

Olivia Katherine Metzger [Liv]

John Fenton Prize in the Comparative Study of Religion, Graduate Division-

Nelly Wamaitha Wambui

Eugene Bianchi Prize in Religion-

Ella Caitlyn Morgen

Congratulations to Ella Morgen for completing Honors.

Thesis: Words That Move the Spirit: A Comparative Study of Language in Christian and Unitarian Universalist Sermons

The Department of Religion would like to thank every student that submitted papers for our Annual William A. Beardslee Literature submission.

We are happy to announce this year’s Breadslee Prize recipients:

1st Place: Gabriele Ka Young Kim

Paper Title: “Christianity as Empowerment in Late Choseon Korea: a Case Study of a Convert, Melissa Kim”

Course Instructor: Helen Kim

2nd Place: Saanya Z Kapasi

Paper Title: “No Justice: A Legal Critique of the Book of Job”

Course Instructor: Jill Robbins