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Postdoc Positions Available

We are seeking two post-doctoral fellows to assist with NIH-funded research projects involving: Identifying epigenetic predictors of children’s developmental impairments […]

Happy Holidays and here comes 2022!

We have a lot of exciting research activities commencing this year and a great team to do get it all […]

Maternal smoking during pregnancy leaves a fingerprint on the placental methylome.

Check out our recent publication in collaboration with the PACE Consortium, where we characterized the impacts of tobacco smoke on […]

Epigenetic responses in HPA-axis among children that were abused, at the earliest indication of abuse

A number of studies have shown that individuals that were maltreated as children may have epigenetic differences in genes involved […]

RSPH Ranked 4th in the Nation!

The Rollins School of Public Health has been ranked #4 in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report! […]

An epigenetic clock for neonatal age among preterm infants.

Dr. Graw presented our recent epigenetic clock project at the Epigenomics of Common Diseases Conference 2020. We identified sets of […]

Kicking Off the Everson Research Group Website!

This website will help us broadcast news for our research projects and highlight the work that all of us are […]