EVERSON RESEARCH GROUP - Investigating the Molecular Links Between Early Life Exposures and Children's Health Outcomes

An epigenetic clock for neonatal age among preterm infants.

Dr. Graw presented our recent epigenetic clock project at the Epigenomics of Common Diseases Conference 2020.

We identified sets of CpG sites that are predictive of postmenstrual and postnatal age (PMA and PNA) among infants that were born prematurely. We used elastic net regression to identify the CpG sites and produce parameter estimates, and used leave-one-out cross-validation to produce unbiased estimates in our sample. These predictive algorithms are compatible with both the Illumina 450K and EPIC BeadChip MicroArrays, and we have validated these for neonatal DNA methylation obtained from buccal swabs and saliva samples from infants that were born preterm. Dr. Graw’s lightning presentation and poster are posted below.

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